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29 Apr

1. When did you start with zazzle?

I started with Zazzle about a year and a half ago, after reading an article in ‘Artist’s and Illustrators’ magazine, a UK trade magazine for artists. The article was about different ways of marketing your artwork, and two of the five artists interviewed recommended Zazzle.

2. Do you find zazzle to be profitable?

I have small regular sales on Zazzle, but do not find it to be ‘profitable’ yet as such. For me Zazzle is part of a long term plan to spread my income, so I am happy to build my shop slowly and let my Zazzle income improve gradually. Zazzle makes money for you while you sleep as it were, for instance yesterday I took a day off, but still sold something on Zazzle, this is what makes Zazzle unique, and worth continuing.

3. How much did you make in sales in your first month on zazzle?

I can’t remember, but I think I had one sale and made about 35 UK pence!

4. Pros / Cons about zazzle

The pros of Zazzle are that it gives me a platform for putting my art on a huge range of products, it gets my name out to countries I may never visit, the products are great quality and the website is very advanced and easy to use. The cons are the time it takes to add quality products, the large amount of people adding poor quality products, or products that infringe copyright, which makes us all look bad. The worst thing for me personally is that as an international seller I simply cannot promote my products at home as the shipping/delivery times just don’t make it competitive.

5. How much time do you spend on your store (including advertising, designing products, and layout updates)

I spend about an hour a day on Zazzle. As a freelance artist and illustrator I do not design specifically for Zazzle, but just use images I already have, although sometimes these are cropped, the edges are softened etc. As for advertising my shop, I have little time, I just link to it from other websites and my blog, and take the opportunity to give my products to other Zazzle sellers to promote as referrals. I try to keep on top of my shop and keep it organised. I have just re-styled it to match the headers of my main site and other (non POD) sites which I sell from. I do wish I could spend longer on my shop but I am a full time fine artist, I also undertake commercial illustration projects and  teach art classes and private students, so it’s a big balancing act. I dream of employing someone to do all the sales stuff for me, but am probably too much of a control freak to let it go anyhow!

'Beach Huts, Southwold' fine art print print
‘Beach Huts, Southwold’ fine art print by michelewebber

'Blue Tit' mouse pad mousepad
‘Blue Tit’ mouse pad by michelewebber

Description of michelewebber’s shop: A shop filled to the brim with a variety of artwork and illustrations.

My Rating ﹠Review of this Shop


This is an extremely beautiful store. The artwork is made up of beautiful colors and talent. It is not simply made up of a couple designs put on as many products as possible, despite how they might look on that particular product. This is one attribute that is missed in many stores on zazzle. It really does matter how you position your image onto a product, since the average buyer will not know how to rearrange it (or simply does not want to try). The layout is also superb. You did not use the original folder icons, which is always refreshing. I also see that you did not just use the regular image as the icon, you made them all one size. This really helps the overall layout, on most pages that is. The only change I would recommend is a change in the banner, other than that, it is perfect in my opinion! Great job.

Make sure to visit this store here: michelewebber


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2 responses to “Featured Store: michelewebber

  1. Michele

    May 2, 2011 at 12:35 am

    Thank you Christina for interviewing me, and your kind compliments about my shop. I am never sure how to have my banner, and have changed it several times! I am currently trying to make it similar to my other websites, so they all synchronize, but I would welcome anyones ideas on how how it might be further improved. I will post a link to this article from my blog shortly.

  2. Judy Adamson

    May 3, 2011 at 4:26 am

    Hi – I actually like Michele’s banner as it is – apart from one tiny, little miniscule point! Tha fairy facing out towards the edge leads the eye away from the name of your store instead of towards it.


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